Imma Justa Guy

I can understand that it is very, very difficult for the public to tell “who knows what.” I probably go overboard, in that I am trying to communicate language that looks and feels like I am just any ‘ole dude. It is no coincidence that there are typos and “yanno” in my sentences.

Ultimately, that is absolutely true, and no one will convince me otherwise.

About Me That Not Many Know

Known: I am not focused on self-promotion, it is very unnatural for me.

I was raised in a small town, by very supportive parents. Like many. I went to public school, I got a job. I went to graduate school like no other (UChicago Booth). I went to Manhattan and then around the around the planet multiple times, seeing financial events firsthand, from the playing field, that would make you croak.

Once in a lifetime event? I have seen five, at least, from the very front row. I might be the Forrest Gump of finance, nameless and faceless, but there.

I wrote a book (, because I realized how far off-track people were (and are), when considering financial products. Medicare was easy, obvious, and vital. It is a simple, single example of financial common sense. Fast forward to today: Jae’s Corner is to explain more examples, both simpler and more complicated. I joined a non-profit, the Alliance for Lifetime Income (, because annuities are another example of financial products that people do not understand, but should. That doesn’t mean that annuities are for everyone, but to dismiss without thought, simply because you saw a commercial that point out negatives, which can be easily answered and disputed? I am personally disgusted.

Next: CFPs Will Be Able To Attend My Presentation

I will be presenting at the Financial Planning Association’s Annual Conference, in Columbus OH. You know it must be a big deal: a Wolverine (me) will head to enemy territory, during the autumn, no less =). I’m not one of those, calm down.

It’s Not The First Time

I have presented at this national conference in Nashville TN a couple of years ago.

I will be sharing my presentation to paid subscribers, of course.

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Markets: What A Two-Month Long Ride

Interest rate worries ran the show (as it should). The 10-year note reached 4.60%, with eyes at 5%, a level where risky markets would not have liked, not one bit (my opinion, and I was not alone). Radar turned to high, almost instantly.

Powell to the Rescue

What the Federal Reserve did was not news. What Powell said was, he shelved the notion of interest rate hikes, a thought that I did not really consider to be a high-probability outcome, but someone out there must have.

Ignorance Is (Never) Bliss

You might read that people should just ignore. For me, that makes no sense whatsoever. It is impractical. Why? No one said the jitters could not have gotten worse. The fact that it passed without further turmoil is randomness. What if Powell said “we may need to consider interest rate hikes if inflation does not subside?” Equities could’ve dropped another 5-10%, almost immediately.

Put it this way: if you were that certain that it would pass, then you would’ve simply done this:

sold everything else,

took out loans to the absolute maximum, and

bought the riskiest securities on the planet

withdraw all your money from every market because you don’t need to think about money ever again.

So, for someone to say “I knew it was nothing…” » the person that says this is being intellectually inconsistent (which is my nice way of saying that he is a Monday Morning Quarterback, which makes that person talking like his pants are on fire).

“Ignorance is bliss” is the convenient phrase used by those that are underinformed and worse, defending that position. That person needs to be MORE observant, not less.

What Is The Bottom Line?

Ugh, we live in a world where the easy answer is handed over in 3 words. So here it is, in two words: “That depends.” It depends on:

How dependent you are on markets to pay for stuff

How old you are, and how healthy you are, because that determines how long you need to plan. This is another way of changing/modifying your timeframe.

What is your mental state when faced with losses, versus your happiness when faced with gains in the equal and opposite direction. If they are exactly equal and opposite to one another, that makes you a robot, inhuman.

The bottom line is that once you consider all of this, then you might need a shift in investment strategy. Or not.

Up Next, Tomorrow: Nvidia Reports And The Markets Will Be Carefully Watching