YouTube Is Great For Learning To Cook

It’s YouTube’s world, I get it. If you want to make a pasta dish, it’s awesome, no doubt. However, when it comes to money, it is getting worse not better.

Headlines are created to attract attention, YouTube is not alone.

There will be MULTIPLE ways to create similar risk profiles, and reach your objective, even if that is a singular objective. The problem is that this will require a full explanation, and that does NOT work on YouTube. You are left with a single, isolated approach, when there could’ve have been many, and some of them are cheaper or offer greater upside to you.

ICYMI: YouTube Isn’t Helping You Learn About Money

I largely believe that my channels on YouTube are a failure. I am almost never satisfied with my work in any way, so that is admittedly part of it. That’s my problem, not yours.

YouTube and social media is built to funnel you into continuous information about a specific topic, (ducks, or elephants), ONLY. Every piece of advice you can read about how to be a “YouTube success” is to ‘find a niche, and try to dominate it.’ In other words, be a duck expert, or be an elephant expert.

It is not built to show you my two bullet points stated earlier. So what happens?

I have only 15,000 total subscribers across 2 channels.

Very few views, because YouTube has correctly determined that people are browsing for ducks or elephants, where my channels are focused on ANSWERS and the fact that my topics look like they are for different audiences, but that is because that is inconsistent with YouTube’s agenda to keep you binging on the single topic.

People are not necessarily getting the subscribers and views as the statistics say. I have examined channels that are much larger than mine, as I wallow in self-doubt [plastic surgery hasn’t been considered but you get the point].

Maybe I should just play along. Don’t hold your breath, we will stay focused on answers.

Example: Looks Great, Sounds Great. This is from YouTube.

Now you can see my difficult position. I don’t know this person, he is successful, etc, congratulations to him. He is not the only one, far from it. This is also comically impractical, and you have likely glossed over it.

My actual, brief comments are available for subscribers. It points out why I will be posted less on YouTube, and more for subscribers, on, privately, when it comes to actual financial information.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not upset at the world, I’m empathetic that a mythical 77,000 people, in 11 days, watched this video. And that this is not the worst case, not by a mile.

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