New Video on Medicare & National Conference

Here’s the link for tomorrow morning.
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Good luck to me to jam this info within 60 minutes, but I will try (hard)!

My thoughts on Medicare in 2025, and why it will be difficult.

Financial markets: what I am watching, and why. If you are not paying attention, you can get caught off guard. While that may not matter in the short run, the long run is a series of short runs. Mr. Market does not care if you are busy, he does not care that you believe that you understand markets. He has more money than you, he can act more quickly and decisively than you. And he can change his mind. No: you are not going to get advance warning. All you can do is watch and understand how you might be affected. From there, you can decide to act, or not.

What I will say at the national conference of the Financial Planning Association. Here’s a funny story, maybe only to me. I sent in my proposal on the very last day, and only because a colleague at the Alliance for Lifetime Income suggested it. I know of the FPA, but didn’t realize I was applying the largest conference of the organization itself.

Now I have to figure out what to say, heh. Look out for what you wish for…