CMS Changes The Business Of Medicare

About half of the Medicare population uses an insurance producer [that is one of my many hats].

Here are my hats in a nutshell, with degree of difficulty, to me.

Medicare and insurance, long-term care, universal life insurance, annuities, structure of financial markets, retirement/financial planning, financial derivatives, game theory, behavioral bias, explaining the jargon in the smallest print of a financial prospectus: laughably easy.1

Marketing Medicare and financial information to a population that is either excessively-underinformed, and/or excessively-skeptical: brutally difficult.

Commercials, advertisements, and the information you see on YouTube can be right or wrong. People mis-hear or mis-understand a statement, add in a pinch of their own bias, and voila: problems ensue. I have told the adult but 30-year-old child: “I am glad that it is you here, I don’t have to unwind as many misconceptions.” Why do you think I had my 8-year old nephew on a video? It’s 100% true.

The media has not done an entirely even-handed job either. Even the best [Kaiser and Commonwealth Fund] have used words and messages that create bias, where the victim is the under-informed reader. There’s reason that I appreciate Robert Powell of (link). I appear there, on his venues 3x a month, I interrupted him to tell him this one shouldn’t wait.

Even on and, I won’t be saying things within 3 minutes, that I am revealing to you here.

How Medicare marketing works, in general.

How I deal with Medicare options

How the new rule is a huge game-changer. I saw the first draft months ago, and said to myself, “this isn’t gonna be enacted in this form, this is gonna get diluted.” I was dead-axx wrong: this is the full kit and kaboodle, it seems.

Note: every carrier has their attorneys hard at work, that is a certainty. We will be hearing what they have to say, in pretty rapid fashion. For those parties that brag about “our team of million dollar producers,” as if that alone was evidence of quality…the outlook is uncertain.

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