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Maximize Your Medicare (2024-2025 Edition)

Discover how to navigate the complexities of Medicare with confidence and ensure you are making the most of your benefits.

Jae Oh, CFP®

Jae Oh is a Certified Financial Planner and an Education Fellow at the Alliance for Lifetime Income and founder of GH2 Benefits, located in Ann Arbor MI.

He is a graduate of the U of Michigan (Ann Arbor) and University of Chicago (Booth). As the author of Maximize Your Medicare (2024-2025 Edition), Jae brings unparalleled expertise and insight into the intricacies of Medicare, helping individuals make the best choices for their healthcare and financial well-being. He has spent time in complex financial markets on three continents.

As a teenager, he wanted to pursue college tennis. Instead, he got sent to debate camp. Very uncool at the time, somehow his parents “randomly got lucky” in thinking that communicating clearly that might have better. What a lucky guess that was.


Key Insights from 'Maximize Your Medicare'

Maximize Your Medicare is my in-depth look at the Medicare system, offering practical advice on prepare for Medicare, how to choose the right plan, avoid common pitfalls, and maximize your benefits. The book covers essential topics such as enrollment periods, coverage options, and cost-saving strategies. With Jae’s nationally-recognized expertise, readers gain access to invaluable resources and tools that can help them make informed decisions about their healthcare.

Whether you are new to Medicare or looking to optimize your existing plan, Maximize Your Medicare serves as an essential guide to navigating this complex system with ease and confidence.

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