Jae Oh, CFP


Certified Financial Planner
Author of Maximize Your Medicare
Education Fellow, Alliance for Lifetime Income

About Me

Jae Oh is a Certified Financial Planner and an Education Fellow at the Alliance for Lifetime Income and founder of GH2 Benefits, located in Ann Arbor MI.

He is a graduate of the U of Michigan (Ann Arbor) and University of Chicago (Booth). As the author of Maximize Your Medicare (2024-2025 Edition), Jae brings unparalleled expertise and insight into the intricacies of Medicare, helping individuals make the best choices for their healthcare and financial well-being. He has spent time in complex financial markets on three continents.

As a teenager, I wanted to pursue college tennis. Instead, he got sent to debate camp. Very uncool at the time, somehow his parents “randomly got lucky” in thinking that communicating clearly might be better for me. What a “lucky” guess that was. I will let you know when I get over it.


Individuals & Families

From individuals to retirees, we provide the full range of guidance. It can be as simple as ACA or dental insurance, it be as complicated as comprehensive financial planning.

There is never a fee for Medicaid recipients.

Professional Partners

We have a long list of professionals who have used my guidance for their clients. From accountants, to attorneys, to asset managers, your clients will receive expert, unbiased guidance.

Our partners solidify their place as their client’s “go-to” resource, even if the topic is beyond your specific scope of work.

What I Think About My Work

Money Is Complicated

We try to make it as simple as we can. Sometimes, that is not possible, because the situation itself can be complicated. The contracts can be complicated. Our clients’ priorities differ, from household to household. The idea that one-size-fits-all is attractive, but usually impractical for one reason or another.

Once the heavy lifting of understanding our client is complete, identifying the financial solution, whether that be a dental plan or a comprehensive financial plan, can be done.


Money's Naming Problem

The complicated language has a reason: these are legal contracts that we are dealing with, and that means very specific words mean very specific things.

My focus is to translate the jargon, into common sense logic, explain what the jargon means, and how it can affect the financial results, under certain conditions.

What we have is a world where shortcuts and simply analogies can lead to misunderstanding, disappointment, and the wrongful impression that the companies are intentionally doing something wrongful. I assure you that is not the case, and will go to great lengths to make sure that you understand, with confidence.



Fiduciary Duty Always

There are many rules and regulations that govern the many types of financial representatives. The rules exist for a reason, there is inadvertent and intentional wrongdoing.

I actually believe that the problem is worse, because all of the rules are focused on how we do our job. For me, this is simple. If you were my mother or sister, with the same situation, the solutions we suggest would be identical. 

From that starting point, the work is actually: “what” is the actual objective the client is seeking. The contract, the policy, the plan will reveal itself.



Plan First, Solutions Follow

For me, individual pieces without a planned structure is odd. If you have a plan first, then you can modify or adjust the solutions, whether that be your investment strategy or insurance solutions. Specifically, healthcare cost planning is the first stop of financial solutions.

Simply put, if you don’t have your health, you cannot use the money you have earned and saved. Uncertainty over possible healthcare costs prevent people from spending freely.

While we cannot predict the future, we can dramatically reduce the anxiety and uncertainty. From the wealthy to those receiving Medicaid, I have done so, nationwide.



I Am Not A Philsopher

The ideas of “it isn’t supposed to be this way,” or “this isn’t fair,” are statements of your personal philosophy.

These do not belong in an unbiased analysis of financial solutions.

There is no question, on ANY application for a financial contract, which asks what your beliefs are.



Politics Unwelcome

I am not here to address or settle political differences. Much like the section above, sellers of financial contracts aren’t either.

Simple example: Humana doesn’t ask what your political party is. Anarchists, fascists, and libertarians have legal eligibility rights.

Companies follow these rights. So do I.


Doing My Part

My Published Book

I am known for the book Maximize Your Medicare, that’s true. I wrote it in a way that inquisitive people could understand. Inquisitive does not mean ultra-educated. Inquisitive means that the reader seeks facts, plainly and accurately stated. Sales? You can watch commercials or read advertisements for that. I am very uncomfortable with self-promotion.

Make no mistake: Medicare is the dumb end of the pool here, the book is me running in 2nd gear. Extra horsepower exists.

Alliance for Lifetime Income

Annuities are a very good example of my point when I stated that money had a “naming problem.”

In an time when traditional pensions are becoming extinct, the actual function of a guaranteed, lifetime income source is valuable in many ways.

The Alliance for Lifetime Income is a non-profit organization to educate advisors and the public, to increase awareness and knowledge of this valuable function.

Seminars / Speaking

I have spoken to audiences large and small. They have ranged from attorneys (State Bar of MI), to financial advisors (national conferences at the Investment & Wealth Institute and the Financial Planning Association) to local library systems.

We are conducting ongoing seminars for those groups and individual that register.

You can inquire by clicking here.


Everyday People

Jae WAS VERY VALUABLE TO US! Thank you very much. There are so many rabbit holes for the uninitiated in the process it’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed. Thanks for going the extra mile and making the process seamless for us. Your services are critical to our successful enrollment. People like yourself are doing a great job looking out for our best interest. I not only highly recommend GH2 Benefits but I honestly don’t know how people get the coverage they need and can afford without their help.

-Dale & Brenda S


Professionally, I advise clients about their rights under the various Medicare programs. Even with all of this knowledge and experience, when it came time to straighten out coverages for my mother, I thankfully turned to Jae. His practical expertise understand the system and how to effectively navigate it is unparalleled.

Sanford J. Mall, JD, CELA, CAP
VA Accredited Attorney
Certfied as an Elder Law Attorney by the National Elder Law Foundation
Member of Council of Advanced Practitioners
Nation Academy of Elder Law Attorneys


Jae Oh’s Maximize Your Medicare is the best book I’ve read on understanding all of the Medicare options and how Medicare intersects with other health insurance options.

—Wade Pfau, Professor of Retirement Income at The American College

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